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Crystal & Glass

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Art Glass 'Highland Cow'Art Glass 'Highland Cow'
Art Glass 'Highland Cow' Sale price$19.99
Green Top Perfume Bottle - 6mlGreen Top Perfume Bottle - 6ml
Koru Spiral - 7cmKoru Spiral - 7cm
Koru Spiral - 7cm Sale price$19.99
Green Crystal Ball SuncatcherGreen Crystal Ball Suncatcher
'Owl' Suncatcher'Owl' Suncatcher
'Owl' Suncatcher Sale price$9.99
Glass Flower Tree - 11.5cmGlass Flower Tree - 11.5cm
Gemstone 'Unicorn Point'Gemstone 'Unicorn Point'
Gemstone 'Unicorn Point' Sale price$7.99
'Tree Of Life' Suncatcher'Tree Of Life' Suncatcher
'Tree Of Life' Suncatcher Sale price$12.99
Glass Elephant - White & Gold Base - 12cmGlass Elephant - White & Gold Base - 12cm
Glass Elephants - White & Gold Base - 19cmGlass Elephants - White & Gold Base - 19cm
Glass Angelfish - White & Gold Base - 17cmGlass Angelfish - White & Gold Base - 17cm
Red & Clear Glass Dancers - 16cmRed & Clear Glass Dancers - 16cm
Green & Clear Glass Dancers - 16cmGreen & Clear Glass Dancers - 16cm
Paua-Look Green Glass Rooster - 20cmPaua-Look Green Glass Rooster - 20cm
Glass Vase - Gold & White Base - 22cmGlass Vase - Gold & White Base - 22cm
Art Glass 'Six Shape' - Green - 15.5cmArt Glass 'Six Shape' - Green - 15.5cm
Koru Three Twist - Green - 15.5cmKoru Three Twist - Green - 15.5cm
Koru Frond - Green - 7cmKoru Frond - Green - 7cm
Koru Frond - Green - 7cm Sale price$14.99
'Frog On Elbow' Glass Frog - 8.5cm'Frog On Elbow' Glass Frog - 8.5cm
LED Mosaic Light Bulb - Iridescent- 17cmLED Mosaic Light Bulb - Iridescent- 17cm
LED Mosaic Light Bulb - Floral - 17cmLED Mosaic Light Bulb - Floral - 17cm
Mosaic Plate - Iridescent - 28cmMosaic Plate - Iridescent - 28cm
Acrylic Beaded DragonflyAcrylic Beaded Dragonfly
Acrylic Beaded Dragonfly Sale price$14.99
Mosaic Ball - Silver 10.6cmMosaic Ball - Silver 10.6cm
Mosaic Ball - Gold 10.6cmMosaic Ball - Gold 10.6cm
Mosaic Ball - Gold 10.6cm Sale price$12.99
Mosaic Ball - Multi Coloured 10.6cmMosaic Ball - Multi Coloured 10.6cm
Mosaic Cup - Multi SpiralMosaic Cup - Multi Spiral
Mosaic Cup - Multi Spiral Sale price$11.99
Mosaic Cup - Multi SnowflakeMosaic Cup - Multi Snowflake
Mosaic Cup - Multi StarsMosaic Cup - Multi Stars
Mosaic Cup - Multi Stars Sale price$11.99
Mosaic Cup - Rainbow BandMosaic Cup - Rainbow Band
Mosaic Cup - Rainbow Band Sale price$11.99
Acrylic Clear Bird - SmallAcrylic Clear Bird - Small
Acrylic Two-tone HummingbirdAcrylic Two-tone Hummingbird
Acrylic Rainbow DoveAcrylic Rainbow Dove
Acrylic Rainbow Dove Sale price$22.99
Acrylic Hot-Air BalloonAcrylic Hot-Air Balloon
Acrylic Hot-Air Balloon Sale price$18.99
Acrylic Multicolour Flower DecorationAcrylic Multicolour Flower Decoration
Acrylic Vivid Daisy - Assorted coloursAcrylic Vivid Daisy - Assorted colours
Acrylic Rainbow Dragon Fly
Glass With Gold Base Candle Holder - 13x12cmGlass With Gold Base Candle Holder - 13x12cm
Glass With Gold Base Candle Holder - 13x15cmGlass With Gold Base Candle Holder - 13x15cm
'Hands On Hips' Glass Frog - 9cm'Hands On Hips' Glass Frog - 9cm
'Handstand' Glass Frog - 9cm'Handstand' Glass Frog - 9cm
Koru With 2 Frond Twists - 15.5cmKoru With 2 Frond Twists - 15.5cm
Blue & Aqua Glass 'Urn' Shaped Vase - 21cmBlue & Aqua Glass 'Urn' Shaped Vase - 21cm