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Animal Figurines

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Mauve Woollen Christmas ReindeerMauve Woollen Christmas Reindeer
White Woollen Christmas ReindeerWhite Woollen Christmas Reindeer
Resin Standing Pitbull Dog FigurineResin Standing Pitbull Dog Figurine
White Swan SculptureWhite Swan Sculpture
White Swan Sculpture Sale price$34.99
amalfi - Friendship Birdsamalfi - Friendship Birds
amalfi - Friendship Birds Sale price$24.99
Painted Gold Monkey & Gold TrayPainted Gold Monkey & Gold Tray
Sitting Black Cat & Gold TraySitting Black Cat & Gold Tray
Walking Black Cat & Gold TrayWalking Black Cat & Gold Tray
Painted Gold Floral Cat PairPainted Gold Floral Cat Pair
African Stylistic Woman & Elephant With BowlAfrican Stylistic Woman & Elephant With Bowl
Monet Inspired Floral Figurine - RabbitMonet Inspired Floral Figurine - Rabbit
Floral Figurine - Rabbit 21cmFloral Figurine - Rabbit 21cm
Owl Duo On Yellow Moped FigurineOwl Duo On Yellow Moped Figurine
Resin Owl Firefighter Piggy BankResin Owl Firefighter Piggy Bank
Multicoloured Glass RoosterMulticoloured Glass Rooster
Coloured Glass Sitting Monkey FigurineColoured Glass Sitting Monkey Figurine
Multicoloured Glass ElephantMulticoloured Glass Elephant
Large Eyed Glass OwlLarge Eyed Glass Owl
Large Eyed Glass Owl Sale price$39.99
White Glass Sitting Rabbit FigurineWhite Glass Sitting Rabbit Figurine
Painted Resin Turtle DishPainted Resin Turtle Dish
Painted Resin Turtle Dish Sale price$99.99
Coloured Glass Sitting Dog FigurineColoured Glass Sitting Dog Figurine
Biker Dog On Red Moped FigurineBiker Dog On Red Moped Figurine
Owl On Red Moped FigurineOwl On Red Moped Figurine
Owl On Red Moped Figurine Sale price$29.99
Floral Figurine - Sitting RabbitFloral Figurine - Sitting Rabbit
Floral Psychedelic Figurine - ElephantFloral Psychedelic Figurine - Elephant
Silver Sparkle Owl Oil WarmerSilver Sparkle Owl Oil Warmer
Stretching Cat Figure with Gold AccentsStretching Cat Figure with Gold Accents
Electroplated Bling Swan OrnamentElectroplated Bling Swan Ornament
Clear Glass Pukeko Deco FigurineClear Glass Pukeko Deco Figurine
Grey Wooly Sheep OrnamentGrey Wooly Sheep Ornament
Grey Wooly Sheep Ornament Sale price$16.99
Silver Sparkle Elephants OrnamentSilver Sparkle Elephants Ornament
Silver Painted Resin Elephant TrainSilver Painted Resin Elephant Train
Gold Painted Owl 10cmGold Painted Owl 10cm
Gold Painted Owl 10cm Sale price$14.99
Save 11%Painted Elephant and Calf FigurinePainted Elephant and Calf Figurine
Painted Elephant and Calf Figurine Sale price$39.99 Regular price$44.99
Iridescent Cut Glass Swans on Mirror BaseIridescent Cut Glass Swans on Mirror Base
Save 44%Resin Elephant Painted Brown & Gold with CalfResin Elephant Painted Brown & Gold with Calf
Resin Elephant Painted Brown & Gold with Calf Sale price$24.99 Regular price$44.99
Elephant with Gold Painted Blanket - 23cmElephant with Gold Painted Blanket - 23cm
Elephant with Gold Painted Blanket - 21cmElephant with Gold Painted Blanket - 21cm
Iridescent Cut Glass Swans with Gem on Turnable Mirror BaseIridescent Cut Glass Swans with Gem on Turnable Mirror Base
Clear Glass Bear with Baby BearClear Glass Bear with Baby Bear
Clear Glass Bear with Pink GemClear Glass Bear with Pink Gem
Clear Glass Bear with Blue GemClear Glass Bear with Blue Gem