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Animal Figurines

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Turtle With Gold Shell - 17cmTurtle With Gold Shell - 17cm
'Frog On Elbow' Glass Frog - 8.5cm'Frog On Elbow' Glass Frog - 8.5cm
'Underwear' Frogs - Figurine'Underwear' Frogs - Figurine
'Titanic' Frogs - Figurine'Titanic' Frogs - Figurine
'Suitcase' Frog - Figurine'Suitcase' Frog - Figurine
'Wine' Frog - Figurine'Wine' Frog - Figurine
'Wine' Frog - Figurine Sale price$34.99
'Nurse' Frog - Figurine'Nurse' Frog - Figurine
'Nurse' Frog - Figurine Sale price$34.99
Married Frogs - FigurineMarried Frogs - Figurine
Married Frogs - Figurine Sale price$49.99
Cuddling Frogs - FigurineCuddling Frogs - Figurine
Cuddling Frogs - Figurine Sale price$49.99
Bathing Frog - FigurineBathing Frog - Figurine
Bathing Frog - Figurine Sale price$34.99
Excercycle Frog - FigurineExcercycle Frog - Figurine
Treadmill Frog - FigurineTreadmill Frog - Figurine
Treadmill Frog - Figurine Sale price$49.99
Proposal Frogs With Flowers - FigurineProposal Frogs With Flowers - Figurine
Motorbike Frog With Cigar - Small FigurineMotorbike Frog With Cigar - Small Figurine
Motorbike Couple Frogs  - FigurineMotorbike Couple Frogs  - Figurine
Motorbike Selfie Frog - FigurineMotorbike Selfie Frog - Figurine
Motorbike Frog With Cigar - Large FigurineMotorbike Frog With Cigar - Large Figurine
'Hands On Hips' Glass Frog - 9cm'Hands On Hips' Glass Frog - 9cm
'Handstand' Glass Frog - 9cm'Handstand' Glass Frog - 9cm
Rose-Gold Unicorn Ring & Bracelet HolderRose-Gold Unicorn Ring & Bracelet Holder
Rose-Gold Whale Tail Ring & Bracelet HolderRose-Gold Whale Tail Ring & Bracelet Holder
Gold Gazelle Ring & Bracelet HolderGold Gazelle Ring & Bracelet Holder
Ceramic Bulldog Money BoxCeramic Bulldog Money Box
Ceramic Bulldog Money Box Sale price$14.99
Ceramic Dog Money BoxCeramic Dog Money Box
Ceramic Dog Money Box Sale price$14.99
Ceramic Elephant Money BoxCeramic Elephant Money Box
Ceramic Mice Money BoxCeramic Mice Money Box
Ceramic Mice Money Box Sale price$14.99
Coloured Glass Sitting monkeys FigurineColoured Glass Sitting monkeys Figurine
Painted Gold monkeys & Gold TrayPainted Gold monkeys & Gold Tray
Shall we cross this road' - Chicken Sign
Elephant Sculpture - Silver - 11.5cm
See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil' Elephants - Gold - 15.8cmSee no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil' Elephants - Gold - 15.8cm
Calves Riding Elephant - 26.2cm
Elephant & Calf - Silver
Elephant & Calf - Silver Sale price$39.99
Big Floral Zebra - Gold
Big Floral Zebra - Gold Sale price$49.99
Big Floral Cat - Gold
Big Floral Cat - Gold Sale price$29.99
Ganesha - White & Gold - 21cm
Yoga Frog Praying - Gold
Yoga Frog Praying - Gold Sale price$12.99
Frog on Turtle Praying
Frog on Turtle Praying Sale price$34.99
Frog on Turtle Meditating
Frog on Turtle Meditating Sale price$34.99
Happy Buddha on Elephant  - 20cm
Buddha on Elephant  - Gold & White - 25cm
Elephant - Silver - 24cm
Elephant - Silver - 24cm Sale price$39.99
Elephant - Silver - 14cm
Elephant - Silver - 14cm Sale price$14.99