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Consider decorations that are both lighthearted and personal, such as customized accessories, fun apparel, or themed items that reflect the bride's personality and the overall theme of the celebration. Practical yet whimsical items like personalized drinkware, party favours, or beauty essentials can also be great additions to the collection. 

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Grow Your Own BoyfriendGrow Your Own Boyfriend
Grow Your Own Boyfriend Sale price$6.99
Jelly Super Sperms - Pina ColadaJelly Super Sperms - Pina Colada
Chocolate Body PenChocolate Body Pen
Chocolate Body Pen Sale price$17.99
Offensive Food Stencils - Set of 6Offensive Food Stencils - Set of 6
Boxed Marshmallow Willies - 140gBoxed Marshmallow Willies - 140g
Grow Your Own Pink Convertible, novelty and fun, novelty
Grow Your Own Gay Best Friend
Cola Jelly WilliesCola Jelly Willies
Cola Jelly Willies Sale price$14.99
Party Game - "Size Matters" - Explicit
Prosecco Jelly Willies
Prosecco Jelly Willies Sale price$14.99
Girls Night Out! Trivia CardsGirls Night Out! Trivia Cards
Would You Dare?' 100 Dare CardsWould You Dare?' 100 Dare Cards
Kama Sutra Positions - Fruit Flavoured Candy
Grow Your Own Male Stripper
Grow a Toy Boy
Grow a Toy Boy Sale price$6.99
Penis Pasta in a Box - 200gPenis Pasta in a Box - 200g
Sexy Jelly Men - Fruit Flavoured Candy
Jelly Willies - Fruit Flavoured Candy
Grow Your Own Boobs
Grow Your Own Boobs Sale price$6.99