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Discover Kiwiana-inspired accessories that blend culture and style. Elevate your look with Kiwi Accessories. Explore our collection today and elebrate the spirit of Aotearoa with our vibrant Kiwiana accessories! From iconic designs to playful motifs, each accessory embodies the essence of New Zealand, perfect for adding a touch of Kiwi flair to your style.

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Faux Glass Bracelet - PearlFaux Glass Bracelet - Pearl
Faux Glass Bracelet - BrownFaux Glass Bracelet - Brown
Agate Bracelet - Evil EyeAgate Bracelet - Evil Eye
Agate Bracelet - Evil Eye Sale price$14.99
Faux Glass Bracelet - PurpleFaux Glass Bracelet - Purple
Faux Crystal Bracelet - BlueFaux Crystal Bracelet - Blue
Faux Crystal Bracelet - CreamFaux Crystal Bracelet - Cream
Rhodium Koru Elastic BraceletRhodium Koru Elastic Bracelet
Rabbit Fur HeadbandsRabbit Fur Headbands
Rabbit Fur Headbands Sale priceFrom $39.99 Regular price$59.99
Kiwi Mates - BagTagKiwi Mates - BagTag
Kiwi Mates - BagTag Sale price$14.99
Bold & Bright Kiwi - BagTagBold & Bright Kiwi - BagTag
Stainless Paua Twist - KeyringStainless Paua Twist - Keyring
Stainless NZ Paua Map - KeyringStainless NZ Paua Map - Keyring
Stainless Kiwi - KeyringStainless Kiwi - Keyring
Stainless Kiwi - Keyring Sale price$14.99
Stainless Paua Kiwi - KeyringStainless Paua Kiwi - Keyring
Bold & Bright Tui - BagTagBold & Bright Tui - BagTag
Evergreen NZ Fold Out BagEvergreen NZ Fold Out Bag
Evergreen NZ Fold Out Bag Sale price$17.99
Metalmorphose  - BookmarksMetalmorphose  - Bookmarks
Metalmorphose - Bookmarks Sale price$24.99
Metalmorphose  - Keyring'sMetalmorphose  - Keyring's
Metalmorphose - Keyring's Sale price$29.99
Wild Kiwi - New Zealand CapsWild Kiwi - New Zealand Caps
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Surfboard
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Tui
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Sheep
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Kiwi
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Jandals
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Buzzy Bee
S/Steel Keyring - Three Kowhai
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Wine Bottle
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Whale Tail
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Koru Heart
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Manaia
Kiwicraft S/Steel Keyring - Paua Fantail
'Your Taonga' Three Bead - Greenstone Necklace'Your Taonga' Three Bead - Greenstone Necklace
'Your Taonga' Flat ID Bangle - Greenstone Bracelet'Your Taonga' Flat ID Bangle - Greenstone Bracelet
'Your Taonga' Small Heart Pendant - Greenstone Necklace'Your Taonga' Small Heart Pendant - Greenstone Necklace
'Your Taonga' Pounamu Pepe Toki - Greenstone Necklace'Your Taonga' Pounamu Pepe Toki - Greenstone Necklace
'Your Taonga' Toki - Greenstone Necklace'Your Taonga' Toki - Greenstone Necklace
Wild Kiwi - Tribal Cap
Wild Kiwi - Tribal Cap Sale price$24.99
Wild Kiwi - Retro Kiwi Canvas Bag
Wild Kiwi - Tribal Canvas BagWild Kiwi - Tribal Canvas Bag
Wild Kiwi - Kiwi Canvas BagWild Kiwi - Kiwi Canvas Bag
Wild Kiwi - Kiwi Bottle Holder
Silver Feather Foil Scarf - MelonSilver Feather Foil Scarf - Melon
Kiwi Foil Scarf - Light BlueKiwi Foil Scarf - Light Blue
Kiwi Foil Scarf - Black & WhiteKiwi Foil Scarf - Black & White
Kiwi Foil Scarf - Black & GoldKiwi Foil Scarf - Black & Gold
Kiwi Foil Scarf - GreyKiwi Foil Scarf - Grey
Kiwi Foil Scarf - Grey Sale price$19.99
Kiwi Foil Scarf - White & GoldKiwi Foil Scarf - White & Gold
Kiwi Foil Scarf - White & Silver