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New Baby

"Gifts for a newborn" is a heartwarming collection curated to celebrate the arrival of a precious little one into the world. This carefully chosen assortment includes thoughtful and practical gifts that provide comfort, joy, and support for both the baby and the new parents.

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Willow Tree - QuietlyWillow Tree - Quietly
Willow Tree - Quietly Sale price$124.99
Whitehill - Children's Bunny Cutlery SetWhitehill - Children's Bunny Cutlery Set
Willow Tree - New LifeWillow Tree - New Life
Willow Tree - New Life Sale price$174.99
Willow Tree - Angel's EmbraceWillow Tree - Angel's Embrace
Willow Tree - For AlwaysWillow Tree - For Always
Willow Tree - For Always Sale price$154.99
Whitehill - Children's Teddy Cutlery SetWhitehill - Children's Teddy Cutlery Set
Willow Tree - HomeWillow Tree - Home
Willow Tree - Home Sale price$144.99
Willow Tree - Two TogetherWillow Tree - Two Together
Willow Tree - My New Baby - SkyWillow Tree - My New Baby - Sky
Clear Glass Bear with Blue GemClear Glass Bear with Blue Gem
New Baby Trivia - 100 CardsNew Baby Trivia - 100 Cards
Soft BunnySoft Bunny
Soft Bunny Sale price$29.99
Bashful Bunny Soft Toy - Cream
Grey & White Dog Soft ToyGrey & White Dog Soft Toy
Grey & White Dog Soft Toy Sale price$24.99
White Dog Soft ToyWhite Dog Soft Toy
White Dog Soft Toy Sale price$24.99
Baby Photo Frame 4"x 6" - Pink ElephantBaby Photo Frame 4"x 6" - Pink Elephant
Clear Glass Bear with Baby BearClear Glass Bear with Baby Bear
Grey Teddy Bear With BlanketGrey Teddy Bear With Blanket
Pink Teddy Bear With BlanketPink Teddy Bear With Blanket
Beige Teddy Bear With BlanketBeige Teddy Bear With Blanket
Mini Snuggly Bunny - White 14cmMini Snuggly Bunny - White 14cm
Small Snuggly Bunny - White 18cmSmall Snuggly Bunny - White 18cm
Mini Snuggly Bunny - Brown 14cmMini Snuggly Bunny - Brown 14cm
Small Snuggly Bunny - Brown 18cmSmall Snuggly Bunny - Brown 18cm
Light Brown Teddy Bear With Bow - 30cmLight Brown Teddy Bear With Bow - 30cm
Pink Teddy Bear - 30cmPink Teddy Bear - 30cm
Pink Teddy Bear - 30cm Sale price$29.99
Brown Teddy Bear With Bow - 30cmBrown Teddy Bear With Bow - 30cm
Soft Teddy Bear - Light BrownSoft Teddy Bear - Light Brown
Soft Teddy Bear - WhiteSoft Teddy Bear - White
Soft Teddy Bear - White Sale price$29.99
Soft Teddy Bear - BrownSoft Teddy Bear - Brown
Soft Teddy Bear - Brown Sale price$29.99
Embossed Baby Photo Frame - PinkEmbossed Baby Photo Frame - Pink
Message Bear & PenMessage Bear & Pen
Message Bear & Pen Sale price$34.99
Embossed Baby Photo Frame - BlueEmbossed Baby Photo Frame - Blue
Baby Photo Frame 6"x 4" - Pink GiraffeBaby Photo Frame 6"x 4" - Pink Giraffe
Baby Photo Frame 4"x 6" - Blue ElephantBaby Photo Frame 4"x 6" - Blue Elephant