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Consider gifts that evoke memories of shared experiences, such as personalized items, photo albums, or custom artworks that capture the essence of your time together. Alternatively, practical and travel-related gifts can be fitting for someone about to embark on a new adventure. The goal is to provide a token of goodwill and support that reflects the individuality of the person bidding farewell.

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Willow Tree - Forget Me NotWillow Tree - Forget Me Not
Willow Tree - Close To MeWillow Tree - Close To Me
Willow Tree - Close To Me Sale price$164.99
Willow Tree - With AffectionWillow Tree - With Affection
Willow Tree - KeepsakeWillow Tree - Keepsake
Willow Tree - Keepsake Sale price$74.99
Willow Tree - Beautiful WishesWillow Tree - Beautiful Wishes
Boxed Mug - 'We Will Miss You So Much!'Boxed Mug - 'We Will Miss You So Much!'
Coloured LED Kiwiana Block - 'Fantail'Coloured LED Kiwiana Block - 'Fantail'
Green Glass Fern Koru SculptureGreen Glass Fern Koru Sculpture
Green Glass Curling Koru SculptureGreen Glass Curling Koru Sculpture