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Willow Tree - My Girls

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Moulded in resin from an original sculpture. 20cm tall.

"This piece was directed by the models. The poses that the girls naturally took showed their relationship with their dad much better than I could have instructed them. Their father was the anchor and the girls fluttered around him. I got a sense of how the girls saw him as strong and reassuring. They looked at him with a "my dad can do anything" look. The dad was clearly having fun being with his daughters. I wanted to make this sculpture a two-way piece: the girls look to his strength and stability, and he looks to them as his greatest source of joy. I think the beauty of a good father/daughter relationship is in its duality. I hope the sentiment can be read from either perspective, father to daughters, or daughter to father." -Susan Lordi
A gift to celebrate the loving relationships that develop between parent and children.
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Willow Tree - My Girls
Willow Tree - My Girls Sale price$164.99

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