Frequently Asked Questions

• How can I use an Acquisitions gift card as a payment option?
Once you have added all your items to your cart click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page. Add your Gift Card number into the 'Gift Card Number' field just above the 'Check Out' button toward the bottom right of the page.

• Only Original Acquisitions Gift Cards can be used in both our online store and our physical stores. Gift Station gift cards (look for the Gift Station logo on the rear of the card) can only be redeemed in physical stores.
• If there is a shipping fee to pay you will need to use some other method (credit card, PayPal, etc.) to pay for this as the gift card redemption happens prior to the shipping fee being calculated.

• I saw an item in a store but can't find it online.
Due to many factors our online store only features about 1/3 of our range at any one time. If you have spotted something in-store and would like to see if a custom sale is possible please contact us at

• A staff member told me I could/would find an item online.
Our apologies for this. The staff member may not have been aware that we only stock a selected range of items online.

• Do you gift wrap?

Yes we do. You can access the gift wrap options at any time during your session by selecting the gift box icon in the lower right portion of the browser window. You will also be prompted at checkout with a gift wrap pop-up window. If you do not wish to gift wrap your items just close the pop-up window.

NOTE: Our gift wrap options may not function correctly if you are paying with a gift card. You may wish to note your gift wrap preferences in the "Order Notes" box in this instance.

• You won't put an invoice in with my gift will you? I don't want the recipient to know how much it cost.
Being a gift store we don't put a paper invoice in any of our orders just to be safe. All of the invoices and confirmations are emailed to the purchaser.

• Will you take the price tags off?
It is our policy to remove price tags from all items when purchased, both in-store and online.

• How long will delivery take?
Generally no more than 3 to 4 business days to metropolitan areas within New Zealand. Longer for rural and remote areas.

• Does your website have a 'wishlist' function?
Yes it does. You can access it by selecting the blue heart icon at the bottom left of any page.

• Is the 'LayBuy' payment option available in stores?
Yes it is.

• What happened to my account?
In early 2019 we moved our online store to a more secure provider. Sadly we were unable to migrate customer accounts during this process. If you wish to, please feel free to set-up a new account with us by clicking on the "Account" link at the top-right of the page.

• Do you ship outside of New Zealand?
Generally we only ship within New Zealand but if you live in another part of the world and have found something that you really can't live without and would like to see if a shipping arrangement is possible please contact us at

• Do You Ship to the Chatham Islands?
We are happy to and can easily organise this but the delivery fees are higher. If you wish to enquire about a delivery to the Chatham Islands please contact