iRing Adhesive Phone Stand and Grip - Gold Zoom

iRing Adhesive Phone Stand and Grip - Gold

iRing is a 3 in 1 cell phone accessory. It is a secure grip, a kickstand, and a car mount for your phone or device.

Nowadays, people spend nearly every waking hour with their smart phone. Our mobile phones connect us to others, so we've become connected to our phones. iRing is the best way to connect yourself to your phone.

Safety Grip

Using the iRing as a safety grip you don't have to worry about dropping your phone. iRing's ergonomic grip design makes your smart phone feel like an extension of your body. It provides you with a sense of security when you're actively engaging with your phone. In fact, you may never drop your phone again.

Kickstand Anywhere

When you're not holding your smart phone keep it within sight and reach: on your desk, next to your monitor or on your bedside table – anywhere that you want your screen to be visible and easily accessible. iRing is your portable, kickstand solution. IRing features a robust friction hinge to support your phone in both landscape and portrait views, and, unlike our competitors, iRing won't buckle under the weight of your device. From your hand to your table, iRing stands for you.

iRing Hook

With the iRing Hook you can place your smart phone in the location that's most convenient for you. Avoid unattractive and cumbersome car mounts with iRing Hook and Dock. Small and unobtrusive, the iRing Hook couples with your iRing to provide an in-car solution for your travelling needs on your dashboard, rearview mirror, or center panel. The iRing Hook allows you to place your smart phone wherever works best for you. *Please note that the iRing hook is not re-attachable. it can only be attached to a surface once.

Compact Industrial Design

With a thickness of only 6.2 mm and a weight of 9.8g, iRing’s sleek design seamlessly complements your phone’s profile and slips effortlessly into your pocket.

Proprietary Adhesive Technology

The iRing adhesive can be applied & removed anytime without leaving any excess residue. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be run under water to refresh it and then be reapplied again and again. The adhesive will hold up to 6.5kg, which means that the iRing is also great for iPads and tablets.

Design Integrity

The iRing rotates 360˚ and swivels 180˚ and it'll still work perfectly no matter how often you use it. 

Dimensions: 3.5cm high x 4cm wide (approx.)

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