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  1. Gentlemen's Hardware - BBQ Multi-tool

    Gentlemen's Hardware - BBQ Multi-tool

    -Natural Born Griller- Five tools included. 29.5cm long when together. Learn More

  2. Barbecue Wonder Tool

    Barbecue Wonder Tool

    This magical multi tool bestows power on the everyday barbecuer. The power to open bottles, grill and wield a spatula among other things. Features: bottle opener, cork screw, grill fork, knife, spatula. Detachable function creates a BBQ tong. Dimensions: 29cm long (approx) Learn More

  3. BBQ Lighter - Fishing Rod

    BBQ Lighter - Fishing Rod

    Fishing for compliments? This unREEL barbecue lighter will have everyone taking the bait! No matter what way you ANGLE it, you can't deny that this would make a great gift for any barbecuer or fisherman. Refillable with butane gas. Learn More

  4. Toastabags - Toast Bags

    Toastabags - Toast Bags

    No need to grill (and probably burn) that cheese sandwich in the oven – now you can simply pop it in the toaster thanks to these toaster bags. You can use each bag up to 100 times! Also great for heating pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets, chips and more. Contains 2 reusable bags. Learn More

  5. Pizza Cutter in Display Book

    Pizza Cutter in Display Book

    Slice yourself a perfect piece of pizza with this wonderful pizza wheel. Dimensions: 25cm high x 10cm wide (approx.) Learn More

  6. Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    No more guessing when you need to refill your gas bottle by shaking the bottle or other unscientific methods. This magnetic gas level indicator measures the gas level in the bottle accurately. Easy magnetic installation and you can use it from bottle to bottle. The magnetic backing means if you use a swap-a-bottle service you can take it off the old bottle and put it on the new one. Learn More

  7. BBQ and Oven Liner - Dark Grey

    BBQ and Oven Liner - Dark Grey

    Use this versatile liner to avoid messy cleaning up of the BBQ and the oven, what a useful little piece. Dishwasher safe. Non stick BBQ and oven liner. Dimensions - 40 x 50cm Learn More

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