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  1. Herb Circle to Prepare Herbs for Cookery

    Herb Circle to Prepare Herbs for Cookery

    Strip tough stemmed leafy greens and herbs in seconds. Multi size holes to fit all stems. Strip herbs straight into the pan. 8.5cm diameter. Learn More

  2. Eggy - Egg Slicer

    Eggy - Egg Slicer

    Fun and practical egg inspired egg slicer. Just place your peeled hard-boiled egg in the cradle and push down with the wired side. Perfect for cutting eggs for sandwiches and salads. 11.5cm by 8.5cm. Learn More

  3. Veggie Spiraliser - Pencil Sharpener Action

    Veggie Spiraliser - Pencil Sharpener Action

    This veggie spiraliser has a stainless steel blade and works in a similar fashion to a pencil sharpener. Use on carrot, zucchini, cucumber, parsnip, and other firm vegetables to create salad ingredients and also a nutritious substitute for pasta. 7cm in length (approx) Learn More

  4. Veggie Pasta Maker

    Veggie Pasta Maker

    Make fresh and healthy vegetable spaghetti or wide ribbon noodles with this awesome device that will turn boring vegetables into delicious and exciting pasta! Dimensions: 7cm high (approx.) Learn More

  5. Chef'n Palm Mincer

    Chef'n Palm Mincer

    Chop up fresh herbs in a whirl with this handy palm mincer. All you have to do is take the safety cover off the green and white mincer, then simply roll over the herbs and voilà beautifully chopped herbs with minimal effort. Top rack dishwasher safe Learn More

  6. Herb Scissors - 5 Blade

    Herb Scissors - 5 Blade

    Cut your herb and salad ingredient prep time in half with these easy to use five-bladed herb scissors. Learn More

  7. Garlic Press - Zyliss 'Susi 3' - With Cleaner

    Garlic Press - Zyliss 'Susi 3' - With Cleaner

    This is best garlic press yet! No longer will you have to worry about peeling the outside of a garlic, simply put the clove into the press and squeeze the ergonomic handle to press the garlic out. Then you can use the brilliant cleaner that is located in the handle to take out the peel, and use the teeth on the cleaner to push any leftover garlic out. Adding garlic to your food has never been so simple! Learn More

  8. Apple Peeler with Suction Base - Red

    Apple Peeler with Suction Base - Red

    Peel, core, or slice your apples (and potatoes) or do a combination of all three if you want. There's a reason this Apple Peeler Machine has been at the top of our best sellers list for ages.It's fun to use, it's built to last and it does the job really, really well. It also has a cool vintage look that will look good in your kitchen. Just lock the suction base to a smooth surface, and peel away. Learn More

  9. Progressive Multi Slicer

    Progressive Multi Slicer

    This multi mandolin has 4 cutting options for thick or thin slice or julienne while the food holder protects fingers and securely holds food. Dishwasher safe. 4 piece set Learn More

  10. Progressive Julienne & Slicer

    Progressive Julienne & Slicer

    The green and white slicer with angled stainless steel blade provides more efficient slicing. Works on any flat surface, with the non-slip base keeping mandoline in place. Has 3 different thickness settings and a finger guard. Dishwasher safe. Learn More

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