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Mother's Day - Sunday the 14th

Mothers – they’re probably the best thing in the world.  They rank higher on my list than French toast or Kit Kats, even if you put them together to make a delicious Kit Kat-astrophe. Mums are absolutely magical, and their love for us is unconditional. Even before I was old enough to appreciate it I felt Mum’s unwavering love for me. Nothing could touch it, in spite of my fair share of tantrums and the time I teamed up with my twin brother to systematically load an entire 10kg bag of potatoes into the washing machine. If anyone in the world deserves a day of appreciation for putting up with all that, it’s Mum.

This year, to pay her back for all she’s done for me I got her this tui creamer jug. I didn’t buy it because she likes tuis or anything; I bought it because I think it’s possibly the most stunning ceramic item I’ve seen and I hoped she might think so too.

Tui Creamer Jug

If you haven’t managed to find a stunning gift for your Mum yet and she doesn't particularly like tuis, then Acquisitions is here to help. We have something for every mum: the sentimental mum, the animal loving mum and the culinarily adventurous mum (to name a few). Browse our website or come and see us to find the perfect pressie to show her your appreciation.

A bright and happy Mother’s Day to you all, full of French toast and Kit Kats (if your Mum likes either of those things).

Yours sentimentally,

Resident Blurber


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