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Doormats Welcome

Doormats serve the dual purpose of encouraging guests to get the dirt off their shoes and welcoming them inside – hence why some of us call them “welcome mats”. But how welcome do we want our guests to feel? We certainly don’t want them feeling “at home” enough to do things like change the channel on the TV or eat the last gingernut. But while the dangers of a comfortable guest are numerous, we don’t want our guests to feel unwelcome and awkward either.

Discomfort in a guest can make us feel bad about our homes and leave us questioning whether we made the correct feng shui choices.  Guests who do not feel welcome are flighty and may not stay the length of time we desire them too. They may exhibit frustrating symptoms such as fidgeting, repeatedly asking where the bathroom is and refusing to take offerings of sustenance even while their very stomach is howling out in starvation. Make an uncomfortable guest feel more welcome with a friendly:

Kia Ora Doormat

Be sure that attempts to calm an awkward guest don’t push them too far into the “at home” category. The comfortable guest may be too “at home” to pick up on signals that we want them to leave, and are more likely to take “we’re having dinner soon… Do you want to join or are you going to go home?” as a serious invitation rather than the polite dismissal it is. Keep them questioning their comfort with this stunningly witty less-than-welcome mat:




Oh No! Not You Again Doormat




The comfortable guest is more likely to let themselves in if we fail to answer the door. Depending on the reason behind our failure to answer this could lead to compromising situations. Consider greeting them with a doormat that says:

Go Away Doormat

If you can’t bring yourself to tell a guest to “go away! scram! shoo!" or you're expecting someone important, then why not encourage them to bring something along. If there's a guest we aren't particularly happy to see, at least we’ll be able to summon a smile at the sight of a bottle they’ve brought:

If you bring Jack you're welcome back doormat

If Jack's not your man, we hope you can find a doormat that suits your situation online or in store.

It's a delicate balance to make your guests the perfect level of welcome. Do you have any tips for welcoming an awkward guest or warning off a comfortable guest? When was the last time that a guest got too comfortable for your liking? Be sure to share any stories you have in the commemts below! 


Yours knowingly,


Resident Blurber


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Mother's Day - Sunday the 14th

Mothers – they’re probably the best thing in the world.  They rank higher on my list than French toast or Kit Kats, even if you put them together to make a delicious Kit Kat-astrophe. Mums are absolutely magical, and their love for us is unconditional. Even before I was old enough to appreciate it I felt Mum’s unwavering love for me. Nothing could touch it, in spite of my fair share of tantrums and the time I teamed up with my twin brother to systematically load an entire 10kg bag of potatoes into the washing machine. If anyone in the world deserves a day of appreciation for putting up with all that, it’s Mum.

This year, to pay her back for all she’s done for me I got her this tui creamer jug. I didn’t buy it because she likes tuis or anything; I bought it because I think it’s possibly the most stunning ceramic item I’ve seen and I hoped she might think so too.

Tui Creamer Jug

If you haven’t managed to find a stunning gift for your Mum yet and she doesn't particularly like tuis, then Acquisitions is here to help. We have something for every mum: the sentimental mum, the animal loving mum and the culinarily adventurous mum (to name a few). Browse our website or come and see us to find the perfect pressie to show her your appreciation.

A bright and happy Mother’s Day to you all, full of French toast and Kit Kats (if your Mum likes either of those things).

Yours sentimentally,

Resident Blurber

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