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All the Tips & Tricks - Pesky BBQ Business


It’s that time again, time to dust off the bbq, in preparation for the coming months of sunshine! Here at Acquisitions we are all about making tasks like this easier.

Here are our top tips for cleaning that pesky bbq:

Tip #1 The classic: First create a mixture of baking soda and water (should make a paste). Then apply the mixture to the grill and leave it sit overnight. Apply generously to areas needing the most help. You can then use a stiff brush or even balled up tinfoil to scrub off.

Tip #2 Beer on the Barbie: Nothing says a ‘summer's night bbq’ without a brew in the hand of the cook. This is why this method of cleaning will catch the beer enthusiast’s attention! All you need to do is heat your bbq up to a medium heat and pour half a bottle of beer (You can have the other half) onto the hot plate and scrub with a wire brush, paper towel or even scrunched up tin foil and your plate will be looking sparkling!

Tip #3 Salty Lemons: Cut the lemons in half and dip the exposed end into salt and with the help of a fork rub the greasy areas of your barbeque. The acidity and abrasiveness of the salt will clean the unwanted grease and grime off your BBQ.

Tip #4 Onions:  I hear you say WHAT?! Everyone puts onion’s on the bbq but not for the reason that we do! If you peel an onion and cut it in half and rub it over the surface of the grill it will remove any grime or grit. Who would have thought that you could use onions for more than a topping for your sausages and bread?

Tip #5 Don’t:  If it all seems too hard, get yourself bbq liners that leave the grill clean without the mess a bbq would usually create.

Now that it is all clean - You can use it lots! Its best not to waste your efforts and put your newfound cleaning skills to use.

Next you want to make sure that the gas bottle is full. Instead of guessing and potentially misjudging, you could attach the magnetic gas level indicator on the side of the bottle - taking the guess work out of how much gas you have left and gives you an accurate reading of how little or how much you have. 

Once you have the bbq clean and the gas bottle full. You are ready to entertain your friends and family with a summer night's bbq. Have you ever wanted a BBQ tool that has everything in one tool - We have the solution for you, the all in one tool boasts a bottle opener (good for the cold beers that you’ll be drinking alongside the bbq), a corkscrew, a grill fork, spatula and also a detachable function that turns the tool into a BBQ tong! What more could you want from a BBQ tool.

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