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Acquisitions was a finalist in two categories at the NZ Retail Top Shop Awards Dinner for Otago/Southland held on the evening of September 22nd at the Dunedin Town Hall. Acquisitions - Dunedin was a finalist in the Home & Style category and Acquisitions Corporate were up for the OmniChannel Retailer award. The OmniChannel award was relatively new and rewarded the retailer with the best mix of bricks and mortar stores as well as ecommerce and social media.

The awards were hosted by New Zealand writer/performer and all-round funny-woman, Michele A'court, and were a black-tie affair (well, 'Dunedin black-tie' to be fair). The event, which included a three-course meal, was a glitzy production with huge video screens, million-colour lighting and an impressive sound system that could likely blow out the eardrums (almost literally for those seated close to the stage). The evening featured speeches by Dunedin's Mayor, Dave Cull, and also key sponsors such as Paymark and Westpac among others. Later in the evening there was networking and shmoozing with entertainment provided by Dunedin cover-band, Tempo, who, appropriately enough, opened with the Dolly Parton classic "Working Nine to Five".

The award for the Home & Style category was presented first and Acquisitions - Dunedin ultimately took the second place certificate. A great acheivement to place second overall in the region.

Following the main course the OmniChannel award was presented and Acquisitions took out the top spot over the other retail stalwarts, Sterling Sports and Spec Savers. After receiving the award Michele A'court quipped that "the Acquisitions table was her favourite table of hipsters". Possibly due to some of the (still very well dressed) Acquisitions attendees playing a little fast and loose with the idea of 'black-tie'.

Following the dessert course the band flared up and dancing and jocularity unsued.
Top Shop Winner

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Cottage Skincare Company

Exciting things are happening at Acquisitions at the moment. We are beginning to fill our stores with exciting new stock for Christmas. Yes, Christmas, it is only 100-odd days until Santa comes to visit!

What has really caught my eye is a fantastic range from The Cottage Skincare Company. Based in Kurow, North Otago, this fantastic company uses all natural products to produce a whole range of different soaps and hand creams.
The idea being, that by using natural ingredients, the soaps don’t strip your skin of its natural oils, while the hand creams use essential oils to make your hands smell delicious, as well as getting them super soft.

What is really exciting though, is their wonderful “Goats Milk Soap”. To directly quote their product information, “We insist on using fresh, organically farmed goat’s milk from a local supplier”. Pretty cool to actually have a soap in stores that is not only made in New Zealand, but has the main ingredient sourced locally. 

Gms03The best bit, in my opinion, is that goats’ milk is essentially the same pH as human skin. This means that people like me, with super sensitive skin, can use it! Oh dearie me, the excitement! So, if you have eczema, or other skin difficulties such as dry skin, psoriasis, or sensitive skin, this soap is perfect. It is even so good on sensitive skin that is perfectly fine to use on babies skin, thanks to the all-natural ingredients.

Which, in case you are wondering are: Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Fresh Goats Milk, Water, Lye and Lemongrass essential oil. If you are worried about the lye, know that all proper soap is made with lye because it breaks down into all-important soapy materials.

It is scented just slightly by essential oils, so that you can have lovely smelling skin after washing, but it won’t dry out your skin. If I haven’t convinced you it is something worth being excited over, according to the information provided to me, the goats which so kindly supply the milk all have their own names, and a big ol’ paddock to play in – awww. 

It is coming to stores very soon, once it is there, I’ll be straight down to stores to photograph and bring the whole Cottage Skincare Company range to you on the web; and perhaps just buy one for myself.

~ Nicole Newton

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