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Valentine's Day 2014

Love DogsValentine's Day is on February the 14th. It happens every year on that date so there's really no excuse for forgetting. Mind you I'm still trying to cement my wife's birthday in my long-term memory so it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black my being too hard on you if you have.

Acquisitions doesn't make a big visual hoopla about St Valentine's Day in store. We don't hang chubby cherubs and bright red hearts around the store and we don't buy in all sorts of cheesy, heart and cherub related products that will never see the light of day after you've given them to your sweetheart. Actually, to be fair, you might find some but we do try and have something for everyone so you'll forgive us for that I hope.

Anyway we think that an expression of love should be a whole lot more personal than your mass produced hearts and gushy cards. We think a Valentine's gift that is suited to the individual recipient is a much finer way to show that you care for your significant other. Fortunately we've got something in store to suit just about every endearing personality trait you might find, which means we don't have to go over the top with flair to convince you we are the place to go for a Valentine's gift (or any gift for that matter) because we are the number one spot to gift shop New Zealand-wide.

You can even do your shopping right here online and request it be sent anonymously if that's how you wanna do it. No drama. That special someone will never know it was you. Heaven forbid they found out you liked them and you ended up going out on a date or something!

And, of course, for those of you that are proudly single we are a great place to shop for a 'Happy to be Single' gift for yourself too. Like I said, we've got something for everyone!
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