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The Very Bearable Paddington Bear

In 1956, Michael Bond brought a lonely teddy bear for his wife. He then went on to write a series of stories about this bear, the famous Paddington Bear.

Paddington Bear is a very formal bear, rarely addressing people by their first name, which is hilarious when compared to his habit of finding himself in an awful spot of bother. Hopefully the Paddingtons we have in store and online manage to keep themselves out of bother… I may just ask our wonderful shop staff to keep a sharp eye on them.

Much like this Paddington we have, Paddington can usually be found with his bush hat, passed down to him by his uncle, his blue toggle tie coat, and suitcase in hand. Sometimes he likes to add his Wellington Boots, for an extra special touch, but I think really the Wellington Boots are so his paws don’t get wet in the deep water he often finds himself in.

Based on my colleagues with fond memories of Paddington, who were very excited when I mentioned that Paddington Bear was in our stores, and that they would soon get to take a look at the range, I think Paddington may win back a few hearts with distance memories, as well as become a firm favourite with new generations.

Our range of Paddington Bears items is now on the website, my personal favourite being the very soft and snuggly “My 1st Paddington Bear” which is suitable for all ages. The “My 1st Paddington” on my desk was happily giving me a wee snuggle while I put him online for the rest of the world to find.  You can find the Paddington range here.

If you haven’t already been “Paddington-ed” out, then you may be ecstatic at the news that Paddington is coming to the big screen in December this year, in time for Christmas. You can watch the hilarious trailer here and if you want to continue to reminisce about Paddington, he does have his own website.

Now Paddington Bear has his own wee feature, I had better get back to bringing you new and exciting things on our website, Christmas is coming!

Check out London's Paddington Bear revival here...

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Nicole Newton

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