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Considering Corporate Gifts?


Customers sometimes inquire about purchasing large numbers of the same item to give as corporate gifts. Generally we are more than happy to organise this if we can but there are some factors you will need to consider.

- If you are interested in purchasing large numbers of the same item please get in touch with us first. The stock we sell on our website is drawn from our stores around the country and is limited to the amount of stock left in stores. If you attempt to place an order for a large number of a single item online we may not be able to supply them.

- We are a retail store. This simply means that we purchase product at wholesale prices from suppliers and sell the product to consumers at retail prices.

- If you are considering purchasing items to give as corporate Christmas gifts it is advisable to get in touch with us before the end of October for the best chance of sourcing the product. After this date factors come into play such as suppliers selling out of stock and lengthy delivery times for imported products as well as time constraints.

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