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A Wonderful Overseas Purchasing Experience


We received this great message from a Kiwi abroad about our online gift buying service and I just had to share:

"THANK you so much! - I ordered the entire families gifts using [your] website from London, using the order instructions to divvy them up. Everyone got their gifts and the lovely staff put tags on the presents - wrapped them beautifully and made the day for my family that I'm missing back home (its my first Christmas away from home) - London is dreary and wet but it was great to see the pics of them unwrapping the gifts you guys put together for me, in the kiwi sunshine!

People here in London/ UK cannot believe that a store would wrap and tag presents for me all the way from home.They said i was a little mad for even asking, they just dont get the same service here. Makes me proud to be a kiwi - and proud of NZ made hospitality.

Its the little things that make great customer service. Thanks guys :)"

I'm really glad we could make Christmas special for this expat (and, indeed, anyone buying from overseas to send in New Zealand) We love the act of gift giving and try really hard to make sure every gift is a special one whether purchased online or in a store.

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