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EE-I-EE-I-O Outdoor Animal Sculptures FAQ

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Where are they made?
By an Australian owned company in Vietnam called Think Outside.

Why Vietnam?
Aaron Jackson, the designer and owner of the company wanted the factory in a region where the company could make a difference to the local people. Think Outside provides training and employment for local people giving them skills and roles within the company that allows them to greatly improve their quality of life.

What are the sculptures made from?
Recycled 44 gallon drums, offering a great secondary use for what is a very durable material already designed to withstand the elements. It makes a perfect base for outdoor products.

How are they made?
All designs are drawn by Aaron Jackson, a jeweller by trade in Australia. He then takes them to his factory in Vietnam where he works closely with his team of craftsmen until the designs are refined to the finished state. All fabrication is done by hand. Each craftsmen creates unique pieces and the colours of drums used vary in each piece, so that no two articles are the same.

What are the sculptures coated with?
The sculptures are coated with a UV resistant industrial polyurethane. This achieves a high gloss and a durable finish.

Will they rust?
The base material (44 gallon drums) is designed to be out on the ocean on shipping vessels and various other harsh environments. With a further coating with our industrial polyurethane they are extremely durable in the harshest environment’s. As with any article that is put outside there will be some weathering. However the product is robust and will give you many years of enjoyment.

What should I do to maintain my sculpture?
There is no real maintenance required for the sculptures other than basic cleaning. If the original glossy finish is preferred recoat every 2-3 years if needed, (more often not necessary at all) with a good quality marine varnish.

How do I position them?
The animals can be positioned on level or un-level ground by locking the feet in place with tent pegs. This way they can be easily removed if necessary. If the animals are not to be removed (e.g. front yards) follow the same procedure only pushing the tent pegs into quick dry cement.

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